Thursday, February 5, 2009

Always On My Mind

Mama Kat's Thursday's Prompt: Write a list of ten things on your mind this week.

1. Baby Girl
I seriously can't wait to meet you. No need to rush though; keep on cooking because Mama's to do list is too long at this point. You just keep yourself snug as a bug in my belly until April. Plus, I don't want to cut short being pregnant. I know, I know....some people absolutely hate the whole being pregnant part of pregnancy, but I don't fall in that category. I love being pregnant. Now, I realize this love might be associated with the fact that I have not had any of the negative aspects (knock on wood) - except for the excrutiating pain in my hips. I could live without that.
2. High School
No, I do not want to go back in time and repeat high school. I've just been thinking a lot about crazy stories from high school ever since my sister and I blogged about weird teachers. I won't go into detail again, but if you missed my commentary, click here.
3. Landon
My poor nephew can't catch a break. He has been so sick lately, and it breaks my heart knowing that he isn't crawling around with a smile plastered on his face. Now he is on nebulizer treaetments 4x a day because of his cough. His surgery for getting tubes in his ears is also postponed because of this. Get Well Soon Sweet Baby!
4. House For Sale
I knew when we put our house up for sale it wouldn't be a quick deal especially with the economy. I was ready for the "nothing is happening" feeling, but my house has never been so clean, and I've never my our bed this many consecutive days. It's ready; I'm ready.
5. Maternity Leave
My poor subsititute! If I don't get my act together, she is going to have decipher my chicken scratch lesson plans buried under piles of who-knows-what. I need a few extra teacher workdays to get my classroom ready for the long-term substitute. On my last teacher workday, I managed to dig out my desk and the back table from all the piles I tend to form. Now, I usually know what is in all of these piles, but that is beside the point. The point is the piles are driving me insane. And they piles are right back to where they started. My lessons are sketched in my plan book all the way up to our state standardized test, but I need to leave her some detailed lessons that go all the way up to the last day of school.
I'm so grateful that this sub has worked with our team before and can handle anything, but I have to get ready for the baby at home and prepare for leaving my students at school.

Updated: Well, the above paragraph was written before my AP walked into my room today and told me that I was not getting the long-term substitute I requested. Now I have a lot more on my mind, because I have to get all the stuff together that my originially requested sub already knew. Why can't things go as planned?

6. Warm Weather
When is the warm weather going to return to Virginia? There is snow in the forecast again tomorrow (Wednesday). I wonder if they will cancel school again just because they predict the snow?
7. Allergies
I wonder how I'm going to survivie my allergy season - pollen. Since I'll be breastfeeding, I can't take my allergy medication or get my allergy shots. I don't even want to think about it.
8. Life After The Wire: Season 5
Matt and I are starting Season 5 of The Wire. We own all of Seinfeld, The Office, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Deadwood. I wonder what series Netflix will bring us next. Suggestions?
9. Tests
I wonder how many of my students will actually study for their test on our Poet of the Month: Lewis Carroll.
10. Preparing for my Baby Girl
All day long I think about what needs to be done before our little one arrives. My to do list grows with each passing day, and I realize I may add more than I cross off, but it gets overwhelming at times.

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