Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Things

First, I've missed this (writing). And quite frankly, there are tons of things I should be doing right now instead of writing, but sometimes things need to be put on hold for my sanity. It's the new year, and with that comes resolutions. I believe last year I wrote anti-resolutions, but this year I'm going more simplistic.
1. Spend more time outside. Granted this is easier down here where the temperature was 65 degrees. Not sure I would be thinking about this if I was still back in the U.P. Although, we did have fun sledding on multiple days.
2. Be more mindful. This fits into so many aspects of my life right now.
3. Find the time to do some exercise. I'm not making a plan of do this or do that for x amount of time because I never do it.
4. Get back to to-do lists.
Hmm...some updates:
1. We are in the process of buying a house. Can I say I hate this process? It is stressful. It is confusing. And there are so many questions and what ifs. Ugh...
2. Grace is still our Grace (and sometimes Gracie). She fills our life with sooo much joy and laughter. Currently she is painting her thank you cards while I write this post. She loves anything princess and pink and watches Tinker Bell daily. She has been a hoot this Christmas. She was obsessed with baby Jesus in the nativity. She "fixed" the Christmas tree every single day.
3. We spent a week in the U.P. over the break. I love getting to see my family, and Grace loves spending time with Landon, my nephew who is only one year older than she is. I ate way too much food, played Farkle and Phase 10, built a puzzle with my dad and Caleb, and just spent time with my family.

And we have one more day of football until we have to go back to