Thursday, February 19, 2009

Top 5 Reasons Why I Need a Tide To Go Pen Mini

5. The wonderful TSA officials at the airport in Green Bay threw mine out the last time I flew. Apparently, they are a banned substance.
4. I am constantly spilling food on myself. I think it is in my genes.
3. I'm going to have a baby girl soon. I know that kids make messes.
2. Teachers need coffee. Well, at least this one does. Coffee stains on a white shirt don't make for a wonderful day.
1. I'm currently pregnant. And with this comes an increase in clumsiness. This not a good combination with my #4 and #2 reasons. It's just a mess.

Don't you think these are reason enough to WIN one of these pens? Check out Laughing Through the Chaos for Sera's giveaway. Also, go ahead and check out her blog. It's hilarious.

1 comment:

Sera said...

Fabulous list. :) Thanks so much for blogging about it - you rock!