Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day Craft

Courtesy of Scrumdilly-do!

And without further ado....Grace's pretty Valentine tree.

It's official! We have a snow day here. Yes, there is snow on the ground. Yes, it is still snowing. All in all, we might have a total of two inches. I find this hilarious, since we have had more snow days here than most schools in Michigan have had the entire year. Yes, I realize the cities do not have the means to get rid of snow down here. Yes, I KNOW people down here do NOT know how to drive in rain, let alone, snow. I get it.

And because of this snow day, I figured it would be a great day for a Valentine Craft. I found this craft via The Crafty Crow, which is a must-see craft site. I figured I'd have to make the trunk, but Grace will be all over finger painting the top.