Sunday, December 25, 2011


Even though it was extremely difficult to understand the priest last night, I did walk away with two very important lessons.

1. We are called to be humble and simple.
2. In order to experience JOY, we need to remember what the letters stand for.
J= Jesus, always comes first.
O= Others, we must think of others.
Y= Think of yourself LAST

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living in Grace's World

1. Grace is love with the nativity that sits underneath the tree. The other day, we overheard Grace talking to baby Jesus. "Baby Jesus, this is your mommy. Listen to your mommy."

2. A picture of Mary was in the church bulletin. Matt's mom told Grace that was Jesus' mommy. Grace studied the picture and finally said, "Jesus Mommy doesn't have shoes. Grandma, she needs shoes. We need to get her some." Matt's mom asked Grace is she had any money. Grace's response, "At home, but Grandma do you have any now? She needs some shoes."

3. The ornaments need to be rearranged daily.

4. Taking a bath at 2 in the afternoon and spending the rest of the day in pajamas.

5. Pink, pink, pink, pink.

6. Singing to random strangers in stores. So if a toddler comes up to you and starts singing Jingle Bells....well, it just might be Grace.

7., oh, man...the princessess

8. Reading her Christmas books before bed....all of them...and sadly she knows when I try to hide some.

9. Playing powders...also known as playdough.

10. Running and running and running like a crazy girl.