Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It's a Tradition

I received my "Back to School" itinerary for my in-service week in the mail today.  I guess it's official that my stint as a stay-at-home mom is soon ending. I'll get 115 hormonal seventh graders instead of my four going on thirteen year old Grace.  She makes good practice for the drama.  It also means we only have four days to tackle a few unchecked boxes on  your summer to-do list.

As a family, we have been creating these summer lists ever since Grace was a year and a half. At least now, she has quite a say in what goes on the list...hence fishing.  Sorry for the lack luster picture though, but I'll fill you in on the details.

This summer we've: chased fireflies, played in the park, jumped in a bouncy house, caught some fish (to the dismay of Grace...she was soooo excited and then utterly freaked out by the bass on the hook), took a boat ride on the Chain of Lakes, played mini golf, went to the zoo...too many times, swam in a pool (a lot...which is why we never made it the actual beach), baked Halloween and Christmas themed cut-out cookies (yes, in July), story time at the library, played barbies, made crafts, had a water fight, play, eat bbq, go bowling, play baseball, blow bubbles, have a picnic, go to Chuck E.  Cheese, smores and a bonfire, read, summer reading, travel (8 cities in Michigan, 2 in Wisconsin, 1 in North Carolina), visit the Children's Museum, hike Sleeping Bear Dunes and  tour Bronner's Christmas Wonderland.

We have four days to go to the actual beach that is literally 20 minutes away (shameful...I know), visit Puff (the white goat that Grace loves) at Bergy's, have a living room sleepover, and have a lemonade stand.

One item on Grace's list will not get accomplished - visit Evan.  We tried, but his family was on vacation when we traveled to North Carolina.  Evan was a boy in our daughter's class last year.  He moved away, and it broke Grace's heart.  On the last day of school, they had a "wedding" and got married.  We know call him "the boy who shall not be named" because if you do slip up and say his name, then she starts crying.  I really can't take the crying.

So...that was our summer.  Sadly, our summer ends in four days.  FOUR DAYS!  I do believe I will make sure to get in some extra snuggles.  Thankfully, she still snuggles with me.