Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Etsy Apron

Maybe one of these days I'll find the time to puruse Etsy to find my own must-haves. Until that day arrives, you will be treated to the finds of Mama Kat. Mama Kat has had three apron give-aways that I have not won, but I'm enjoying the walk through of Etsy. This week's apron give-away comes from Tinder Designs. Maybe I'll win and maybe I won't, but isn't it worth it to give it a try? Plus, wearing an apron while baking just makes clean-up that much easier, and you get to look cute in the process. Chocolate chip cookies. Here. I. Come.

1 comment:

mallorykt said...

yum.. that sounds soo good right now.. I really can't wait until May when we come and visit.. paula said that we might go to the zoo and a planatarium.. sounds good to me!!!

i really want to learn to sew.. when i do.. i will make you a custom apron. and the mama kat site is funny, i just checked it out even though i should be finishing up my paper. Good idea to keep writing, I do it everyday although pratically none of it makes it my blog..

okay, that was long. back to my paper of tibet.. which can u check if I send it tonight.. not due til thursday but im psychin myself out pretending it is so I finish it now.. tell Matt I say Hi.. and I bought some Michigan Onezies for the Baby!!