Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is It Really Summer?

Since the last day of school, we have been on the go.  Our first stop was Montgomery, Alabama to visit Matt’s sister Sarah and her husband Chris.  Since Grace has flown before, I thought her travels would be the same – people watch like crazy in the airport and then sleep on the plane.  Silly me.  My child decided she wanted to people watch everywhere.  I think I got a 30 minute out of her on the last flight.  She would rather play peek-a-boo with the people sitting in front of us and behind us.  She also apparently loves to read Sky Mall and where the nearest exits are on the information booklet. 

Grace loved Aunt Sarah’s dogs.  I knew she would bark because she does it at home, but her barks were nonstop.  We also went to the Montgomery Zoo twice.  Why?  It was free.  How?  We have a membership to the Virginia Zoo, and that gets us into other zoos for free or a reduced price.  I have to say the Montgomery Zoo rocks.  Everything was shaded. (I guess you have to be in the deep South.)  And you get to be really close to the animals.    We also went swimming every day.  With Grace’s nonexistent sleeping, we figured out pretty early (day one) that we needed to tucker her out to get some sleep out of her.  She loved the pools and the water park thingy (bunch of different sprinkler things shooting up and all around).  On the last day we went swimming in the morning and in the evening.

And a trip isn’t complete without a flight snafu.  Ours happened to be a canceled flight leaving us stranded in Charlotte.  They got us a new flight immediately to Norfolk, but our car was in Newport News.  Can you tell how much I love this?  Matt’s mom picked us up and brought us home, and then Grace, my sister, and I drove the next day to get the car.

Oh, yeah.  Did I mention that my sister and her fiancĂ© arrived for their visit on the night we returned home?  That first night was rough just because of my lack of sleep, but we had a great time too.  We spent one morning at the beach, one day at the aquarium, one at the zoo, and did some shopping.  Grace is going to be the flower girl in Mallory’s wedding in November, so we went dress shopping.  We found the cutest dress at Dillard's – ivory w/ light brown hem on the bottom and waist w/ a bow.  I had to buy a 3T.  (EEK!)  My child is 14 months.  I knew we needed room to grow, so I started with a 2T, but there wasn’t much room.

We are now home for a month with no visitors until the end of July.  I’m trying to get to the story time at the library, but Grace is not cooperating. Yesterday, she fell asleep in the car and slept through the entire thing.  Today, she has been a bear, so I put her to bed at 9 for a nap, and she is still napping.  The story time is at 10, and I am NOT WAKING THE GIANT.  No Way.  But here are a few pics from my sister’s visit that show she isn’t a bear all of the time.


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