Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009 - Make the Time

I'm not one for making New Year's Resolutions! I've made plenty in the past, but never fully committed to them. Who really wants to give up the good food to lose that extra 10 pounds? One year, I actually bought a membership to the YMCA, and that worked well until about March when the motivation wore off and I grew weary of waiting in lines for the treadmill.

This year I'm just settling for the resolution to MAKE THE TIME! With the birth of our little girl soon approaching, (April 11 if she follows the time table), I want to really appreciate every little moment of being pregnant. I'll take the extra time to fall asleep each night just to feel a few more kicks. I'll make the time to spend more time with Matt because soon enough there will be three of us. I'll take my time to watch my belly button transform into an outty. I'll make the time to learn everything I can in order to be the best mommy. It may seem like I'm addicted to the computer, and maybe I'm a little addicted to, but I just want to be prepared. Tomorrow, I'm registering us for some baby classes at the Lifestyles Center - because we both need to be prepared.

Happy New Year's! Wishing you all a blessed 2009! I know this is going to be a memorable one for my family.

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Sera said...

I was so excited to see you on my blog follower list! I didn't realize it was you until I saw your pic. I love your blog, and you are such a cute little pregnant lady! :)