Thursday, January 22, 2009

Joy is...

Joy is waking up each and every morning to the man of my dreams.
Joy is feeling my little girl dance "The Nutcracker Suite" in my belly.
Joy is never paying full price.
Joy is knowing truly generous people.
Joy is trying a new gluten-free recipe that rocks.
Joy is finding humor in words like hooplehead, radonkulous, and crapadoodledo.
Joy is finding friends who love everything about you - good and bad.
Joy is becoming totally engrossed in a book, losing all your senses, and falling madly in love with a vampire.
Joy is finding the blessings in each and every day.


Heatherlyn said...

I found you from the mr. linky at the writers workshop. Your poem made me smile. I'm happy for you that you can appreciate and recognize all your wonderful blessings. :)

Jen Raiche said...

Nice. =)