Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Not a Dork!

Writing prompt: Ask a loved one to describe you using 6 words.

Let me preface with the conversation I had with my husband before I sprung this prompt on him. While Matt was in the kitchen, I asked him if he wanted to see my belly button. No, I don't have a picture for you to see, but it basically is to the point where I don't have one anymore. Matt scrunched up his face and said no because it was too creepy. Well, needless to say, I was feeling less like asking him this prompt after his refusal to look at my belly button. What wife wants to get circus freak for a description?

Here are Matt's six adjectives for me:
1. Nice He's just getting started. I think I am a nice person. Sure I have my days and my students may call me mean, but at least my husband sees the real me.
2. Funny (sometimes) Is funny a synonym for idiot? I think that is why the (sometimes) is attached to his word. Sometimes, I actually do funny stuff. Sometimes, I do stuff that just shows I'm an idiot. Who gets Little Bunny Foo Foo stuck in their head? Who gets stuck in the sheets and blankets on a daily basis?
3. Attractive Woohoo! The belly button didn't scare him off that much. I'm not a circus freak in his eyes after all.
4. Loving Ahh!
5. Talkative Yes! I love to talk.
6. Sleepy This includes my pre-pregnant self. Matt finds it utterly amazing that I can fall asleep anywhere and at anytime. I can be sitting upright in the recliner or in bed with the lights on and the tv blaring. Hey, when I'm tired, I'm tired.

As soon as Matt had his six words, I started laughing.

Matt: "What?"
Me: "Well, the one word I thought you would use is not on the list."
Matt: "What word was that?"
Me: "Dork!"
Matt: (laughing) "Well, it should have been."

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