Monday, January 19, 2009

Snow Day?

Virginia is waiting for snow. According to the news, we are supposed to get two to four inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow. Now growing up in the U.P, I've been through my fair shares of snow days, but I'm highly skeptical of waking up to a school cancellation tomorrow. We've lived here going on four years, and I've only seen a dusting covering the grass. Don't get me wrong - I'd love a snow day. It would just look a little different from the ones in my past. Instead of throwing on long johns, snow pants, parka, gloves, hat, scarf, and boots to build snow forts, snow angels, throw snowballs, sled, or ski, I'll stay inside and off the roads because everyone knows that people down here DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT know how to drive in any type of weather, especially snow. Since they never see it, they tend to stare off at the accumulation now on the side of the road instead of the road itself. You think I'm kidding? I was driving with a woman who did this while it was RAINING! I can't imagine what she would do with snow.

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