Thursday, March 27, 2008

Get a Move on - OUTSIDE

When the weather is 80 degrees, one must GET OUTSIDE. Forget the electronics - move on outside. Here is how I spent my day (mostly just trying to get a little color on my pasty, white, glow in the dark skin):
1. Enjoyed the warmth of the sun sitting OUTSIDE
2. Drank my morning cup of coffee OUTSIDE
3. Completed (or at least tried) the daily crossword OUTSIDE
4. Finished reading the first Pendragon Book: The Merchant of Death OUTSIDE
5. Put down new red mulch in the front flower beds OUTSIDE
6. Read the NEA Journal and Virginia Reading Association Journal OUTSIDE


7. Ate lunch OUTSIDE
8. Went rollerblading with Matt (he actually ran, but I'm not much of a runner) OUTSIDE

Thank goodness my allergy medication works wonders; otherwise, I would have had to abandon all this time OUTSIDE and spend a glorious day inside. I wonder what I'm going to do tomorrow OUTSIDE? It's supposed to be in the 80's again. What would you do?

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