Saturday, March 28, 2009

Too Comfy to Move

At least that is what I think my child has decided. Quite frankly, I'm thankful for this extra week because if you know me, really know me, then you know I'm quite the procrastinator. After learning I was 3 c.m. on Monday at my doctor's appointment, I really kicked up my efforts to get my classroom ready for a long-term substitute. Every day, I would go to sleep and wake up with the same prayer, "Just one more day." I can jump for joy (not literally) now that my lesson plans for complete the rest of the year, all 115 research papers are graded, extra credit projects are graded, 30 novel projects are graded, and my grades are posted and sent (I was even early on these...technically they aren't due until 4:00 p.m. on Monday.)

I'm still asking for "Just one more day" - at least until after Monday because it is a teacher workday, and I could seriously do some damage in organizing my classroom or even typing my students end-of-the-year poetry book.

Now we are just sucked into the waiting game.

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