Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ode to Camping

It's time once again for a writing assignment from Mama Kat. I look forward to these writing posts every week for many reasons, but the main was is simply to write for me. This week I have decided to describe a memorable camping experience.
Ode to Camping
Remember Amasa?
Hot, sticky, humid weather
No air conditioning in the log cabin
No breeze whatsoever
Just wearing sports bras
To get by
Remember playing spoons around the table
And laughing until pop came out of our noses
Jumping on the water trampoline
after hours of trying to get it actually in the river
Fishing for crayfish
Canoeing in the wrong direction on the river
and having to walk the canoe back
because the current was too strong
and the falls too close
Remember Dad stepping in the wasps nests
And getting stung many many times
His snoring
His LOUD snoring
All night long
Remember waking up
to find Melanie missing from her sleeping bag
Only to find her in the back room
on the floor infested with every bug imaginable
And then the next morning finding her
on the front porch
Poor thing couldn't handle all the snoring
Remember leaving a day early
Because we couldn't take the heat

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CJ said...

Great post. I love camping ---but it certainly has it's moments.