Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow in the South = Idiots Everywhere

If you recall awhile back, we actually had a snow day here when there was no snow. Yes, you read that correctly - NO SNOW. Well, today we got a 2-hour delay, but there was snow and lots of ice since it rained all day yesterday. Rain and freezing temperatures do not equal safe driving conditions anywhere. I just don't get it down here. I'd like to share just how ridiculous it gets down here when it snows. Remember, I'm from Michigan. This stuff drives me crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Heard on the Morning News This Morning:
1. Don't forget to clean off your cars completely this morning. Get all that snow and ice off before you start driving. (DUH!)
2. Drive slower. (DUH AGAIN!)
3. If you don't need to leave your house, then stay inside. (Do you really need to report this?)

The Idiots on the Road:
1. Southerners DO NOT slow down.
2. Southerners DO NOT know there is such a thing as black ice.
3. Most major bridges and roads were closed this morning due to icy conditions. I live in an area surrounded by water. Just think how congested it was this morning on those few roads that were open. UGH!
4. Southerners have snow A.D.D. (Yes, they have A.D.D. Instead of watching the road or possibly the car in front of them that they are about to smack into, they are wooing and ahhing at the pretty white flakes falling from the sky.)

Oh, and did I mention that about 100 buses did not pick up the kids as some bus stops. Yeah - kids were left out in the cold this morning. Wonderful!

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