Tuesday, June 28, 2011

smart summer button '11

This is the post that should have been written yesterday. But that didn't get done. Since our schedule is pretty random, I didn't want to create a calendar of activities. Frankly, I knew I wouldn't stick to the schedule. Now I just have to decide what kind of learning activity we'll accomplish in the morning.


1. We made a calendar counting the days until Grace sees Landon. It is not neat, not straight, and really not all that colorful. Grace already had control of the markers and went to town.

2. Together we scanned Pinterest for activities.

3. We went to storytime at the library and learned about different clothing around the world.

4. We played at the library for over an hour doing every puzzle under the sun. They also have this giant bucket of bean bags, one for each letter of the alphabet. There is a clear side to showcase items that start with the specific letter. We also built towers out of blocks.

5. We read more books at home.

6. She helped me cook lunch.

7. And of course, we matched up Purplicious cards.

now...what is on our plate for today?

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