Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Smart Summer

smart summer button '11

Yesterday, Grace had her second art class. Together we made playdough sandwiches, lions, and elephants. She also drew a picture with pastels and sidewalk chalk. Since we were so close to the library, we headed over there for her to play with the puzzles again. We also found a big comfy couch and read a Dora the Explorer book.

My favorite thing that we did yesterday happened on the spur of the moment. In school, we call these teaching moments - times when you just stop what you planned and go with the flow. We were walking back to the car after art class when Grace noticed the light pole. She asked what it was? She made a comment about it being big. So, for the remainder of the walk, we just kept finding things (school bus, grass, leaves, trees, etc.) and she would tell me if it was big or small. Simple? Yes. But so worth it.

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