Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Summer Challenge: It Looked Like Spilt Milk

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Since we are on a library kick this week, I decided to combine literature with art. The original idea came from A Mom With a Lesson Plan. I believe I stumbled across that blog via The Crafty Crow.

Grace and I got this book from the library on Monday. We read it numerous times. I was uber excited to follow it up with the craft, but Grace wanted none of it. "No, no, no, Mama." Looking back, I'd probably start with the craft first (I'll explain later.)

The materials are easy and for me cost nothing. You need construction paper, paint, and a dropper. Now, I didn't have a dropper until I realized I had an empty Tylenol bottle upstairs in the medicine cabinet. I started with blue construction papers because they are supposed to be clouds, but Little Miss Independent added other colors. Notice the black in the background? She also added purple, red, and orange.

Yes, that is a shot glass to hold the paint, and it worked perfectly. She simply filled the dropper (with help) and dropped paint on one side of the paper. It took her a few times to get the squeezing part down, but after a few she was on her own.

We then folded the paper over and pressed our hands over it. Actually we called it squishing. Open it up and see what you have. Like the book, we wanted to see what the clouds looked like. I asked her, "Grace, what does it look like? Snow came up a lot, and I'm not surprised because yesterday morning she woke up requesting to play in the snow and build a snow fort. But then she told me it looked like spilt milk. And that is why I would do the craft first. My daughter would never have come up with that one by herself.

Here are a few finished cloud prints. We have snow, Grace, eyeballs, heart, and three. We also had more snow pics and the spilt milk.

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