Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Good Mess

I'm staring at a giant mess that at one point you could call my living room. Grace has strewn the floor with the newspaper - now shredded (I hope Matt read it this morning.), two blankets, a pillow, pom poms, beaded necklaces - lots and lots of them, a sippy cup of milk, a felt pumpkin, two puzzles, an exercise ball, an Elmo DVD, and lots and lots of construction paper because she found my stash.

The dining room table isn't much better. It wasn't clear of clutter to begin with, but Grace brought me her Dollar Store Craft bag and made a pumpkin. The only problem is that she wouldn't stop with the stickers, which are now ALL OVER the table.

It has been an eventful night full of Elmo, cooking (Let me rephrase this. I'm cooking, and Grace is playing with mixing cups and water in the sink.), puzzles, pumpkin craft, stickers, and lots and lots of kisses.

I'm okay with the mess. She won't be 18 months for long.

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Jen Raiche said...

Ah, yes. Those are difficult--but good--days. ;-)