Monday, October 4, 2010

Children's Festival

Our family spent Saturday morning roaming the waterside at the Children's Festival. Grace loved:
  • the dogs
  • making a bookmark and picking out her very own book. She was quite particular in her selection process and eventually settled on the book Seeds, Seeds, Seeds.
  • making a sailboat with Home Depot. She did not take the apron off.
  • decorating her own cupcake (and eating it immediately)
  • joining other kids in the Play House exhibit. She gravitated right for the farm and played with a tractor.
  • Loved the rocking dragon
  • Climbed through tunnels with Gymboree
  • Hid from the Mad Hatter while playing croquet
  • Had tea with the Queen of Hearts
  • Had tea with Mommy
  • ate kettle corn with Daddy

Grace HATED:

  • any roaming characters (We were lucky to get a picture with Curious George.)
  • playing the fiddle (Poor people from the Symphony Orchestra tried twice, but she just cried and cried.)

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