Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Windy City

Looking outside, I am first taken in not by what I see, but what I hear. Out front, the neighbor's broken shutter bangs and claps against the brick. I wonder if it will be able to continue to hold or will it admit defeat and fall to the ground. Out back there are numerous sounds. Wind chimes creating a musical arrangment, pine cones hitting the siding, and my little green table scratchingb against the concrete as it inches its way out from the corner. The wind is most visible by watching the giant pine tree that reaches over into our yard from the neighbor's. It is a giant of a tree, but with the wind gusts, it looks like a sapling just taking root. The branches move in all directions with an immense force. The sunlight that streams in highlights the multiple colors with each passing sway. The yellow green is particualry beautiful today. I'm sure by the night's end, I'll have to scrounge up the grill cover.

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