Friday, February 1, 2008


Two summers ago, I attended the Tidewater Writing Project. This is a branch of the National Writing Project. During the summer, I experienced first hand the benefits of the writing to learn philosophy. I was hooked from the first moment I put my pen to the paper. Two a year, the Tidewater group gets together for a continuity meeting. I look forward to these meetings. They are are renewal I need, and they seem to come at just the right moment. The summer institute is intensive, but then we go back to our regular lives. I need these continuity meetings to remember exactly how I felt during the institute. I need it for renewal and more ideas. Thank goodness I went last night. I received a wonderful idea for research writing. Sometimes all we need in our life is the TIME to remember what our goals were, where we want to go, and simply reflect and begin anew.

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