Friday, July 15, 2011

Who Loves Nemo?

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Today we made Nemo crafts in honor of Grace's newest favorite movie "Finding Nemo." I'm sure if you have any artistic talent (none here) your fish and jellyfish will look more like the real thing, but I'm working with a 2-year-old and well, the animals were made in the spur of the moment. All you need for the jelly fish, Dori, Nemo, and Nemo's daddy is construction paper, glue, googly eyes, yarn (ribbon would work too), and scissors.

I cut out a very rough jelly fish and you'll notice that Grace decided that the bottom should be the top. She also had complete control of the googly eyes. Hence, the one large eyeball and one small eyeball per fish.

I cut out Nemo and Nemo's daddy's bodies and let Grace glue stripes and the googly eyes.

For Dori, Grace ripped up yellow construction paper and didn't waste any time with the glue.

We did start making a "big butt" (the boat for any of you non-Nemo watchers), but she had enough of the crafts and ran off before it was cut out.


teachmama said...

LOVE it--you don't have to be totally artistic to spend some meaningful craft time with your kiddos! Thanks for linking up for the Smart Summer Challenge, and we'll see you next week!

Mallory's Memoirs said...
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Caleb + Mallory said...

Love her crafts!! The rate she is going she will know how to sew before I do!!

Jen Raiche said...

It looks like your family is having a lot of fun this summer! Good for you guys!