Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Town

In the book What My Mother Doesn't Know, all of the main character's friends go on vacation during Christmas vacation. She decides to take a vacation in her own town. I find that to be a wonderful idea. With that in mind, Matt and I went to the Norfolk Zoo yesterday. It was a beautiful day with a gentle breeze, and the sun didn't constantly beat down. We saw the traditional farm animals, reptiles, amphibians, owls, lovebirds, zebras, rhinos, lions, giraffes, ostrich, and a ton of exotic animal of which I can't remember the names. One goat (I think it was called a pygmy) had these creepy eyes. They reminded me of those contacts kids now buy to freak people out. They were a golden color with a black slit through the middle.

I would also like to go to Chrsyler Museum of Art and the Backbay Refuge, but I think I'm on my own here as Matt really has no interest in birdwatching or looking at art.

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