Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why I Hate My Flashdrive

1. My entire thesis draft was lost in less than a second due to a corrupt file.
2. My entire powerpoint presentation containing a 50 page scrapbook detailing the summer of the Tidewater Writing Project was lost in less than a second due to a corrupt file.

*I can now be seen sitting at the kitchen table recreating the 20 pages I lost. I am almost back to where I was two days ago. Once I hit that point, I can continue on like I never lost it to begin with.
*It is quite amazing how much the brain remembers.
*I guess that is why it is recommended to back up files in more than one place.
*At least I have a week and a half left until the thesis is due.


Jen Raiche said...

Oh no! How frustrating!

Debbie Moyer said...

Thanks! I cried for 10 minutes and then just got right back to work. Thankfully, I had printed 10 pages of it, but I lost what I had finished from the Review of Literature section. I am now happy to report that my thesis is officially done. I complete all the research in the fall term.