Monday, September 6, 2010


Today, I
  • made chocolate chip pancakes with my little helper Grace.
  • had to clean the griddle first, sice Chef Grace threw a handful of dry pancake batter all over it.
  • watched at least three episodes of The Wiggles.
  • read Have You Seen My Duckling at least 10 times along with Shapes, Five Little Monkeys, and Baby Bear Baby Bear What Do You See?.
  • took Grace to the zoo.
  • ironed clothes during Grace's nap.
  • did two loads of laundry during Grace's nap.
  • watched Ghost Town (and turned it off after 30 minutes) during Grace's nap.
  • made brownie sundaes with the help of Chef Grace.
  • picked Idaho potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a bag of red potatoes off of the living room floor (thanks Grace).
  • watched football.
  • held down my screaming child as I tried to cut FIVE fingernails and laughed when she yelled for her "Dada" to help her.
  • watered flowers with help of course from Grace.
  • took a walk (short one since Grace decided to start crying).
  • helped Grace decorate wooden lion, elephant, and monkey magnets with markers.
  • programmed my coffee pot for the morning, picked out clothes (mine and Grace) for tomorrow, and packed part of my lunch.
  • played on the computer.
  • started reading The Girl Who Could Fly.
  • loved every minute I spent with my daughter.
  • mentally prepared for the first day of school.

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Jen Raiche said...

Great post. Sounds like you guys had an awesome day! What a blessing.