Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Demands of My Toddler

1. Shut off! (Translation: Shut off my monitor and my noise machine Mama. I'm up for good and not going back to sleep any time soon.)
2. Eat! (And this is getting oh, so tricky because most of the time we can't figure out what she wants to eat even though she knows.)
3. Stop it! (Not a fan of this one.)
4. Dragging the kitchen chair to the sink and/or digging her apron out of the drawer = I WANT TO COOK NOW!
5. Puffs! (Translation: I'm not eating what you put on my plate. I want cheese puffs.)
6. Handing a book to me = Read now!
7. *#!%&*(&^%$# (Translation: I'd love for you to tell me because I have no clue most days to what she wants, and her tantrums resulting from this minute detail are quite exhausting.)
8. Keys! (Translation: Just asking for keys = I want to play with them. Taking the keys and trying to open the trunk of my car = Get the stroller out and let's take a walk.)
9. Outside!
10. Up! (Translation: Either pick me up or put me on the bed to jump in the pillows.)

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