Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sock Monster

Grace is a sock monster. The Cookie Monster has his cookies, and Grace has her socks. On a typical morning, Grace will get up at 5 a.m., but I'll give her a pacifier and she'll go back to sleep for another 1/2 hour to an 1hour. Well, one morning, I heard her about 10 minutes later, so I went back to give her the pacifier again. I couldn't get the paci in her mouth. Want to know why? Cause she had it stuffed with her sock. The only thing I could see were the little white ruffles. It was at that moment, that I stopped putting her to bed with pajamas without feet. We are a strictly footy pjs now. She just doesn't eat socks at night. If she's on the floor playing, I can guarantee within five minutes a sock is off and in her mouth. The other day she was playing in her crib before bath time watching her mobile.
This is what I found in the crib.
After I put the sock back on, I turned around to put some clothes away. Came back to the crib and found this.

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