Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Magic

Life with a newborn has definitely changed this household. Each day we are learning more and more about our baby Grace and her wants and needs. Matt has nicknamed her "Red". Not because she has red hair, quite the opposite since her hair is almost blond, but rather, when she screams because she is in need of a diaper change she turns red, beet red. Super duper red. It took us a week to figure that cue out.

Back to baby magic though. Two items in our house I have now coined magic blanket and magic ball. Grace received this super soft satin trimmed white blanket from her Aunt Sarah. We have found that swaddling her in this calms her down.

Okay, gotta make this fast....crying baby waking up.

Second magic item - an exercise ball. Sit on this baby and bounce and Grace loves it. This too helps with calming her down and sleeping.

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Sera said...

Aw, man. When you find those magic items in the house you just latch on to them and don't let go. I'm glad you found some already! I hope you're sleeping right now. :)