Saturday, June 22, 2013

catching fireflies

As Grace and I were driving home tonight, I noticed the flickering neon green lights on the side of the road - fireflies.  We had "catch fireflies" on our summer to do list last year, but she never did, so tonight instead of going straight in for books and bed, we grabbed her butterfly net and set off to catch fireflies.

Catching fireflies is a rite of passage.  It is a true sign of summer.

I do believe we will be doing this again, and a little fun was needed after a week that included:

1. pink eye
2.  which led to strep and an ear infection
3.  four straight days of a fever
4.  25 minutes of screaming over taking medicine
5.  said medicine spit out on the couch, on her body, in her hair.
6.  still more crying in the bathtub because of medicine
7.  20 minutes later I managed to get some of the medicine in...the next five days are going to be fun.

so...a little fun catching fireflies was much needed for all of us.

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