Saturday, May 11, 2013

Grateful to Be Mama

Dearest Grace,

    When you were born four years ago, I latched onto the song by Darius Rucker titled "It Won't Be Like This For Long".  I knew the sleepless nights would end.  Thankfully, you only made us zombies for a little over a month.  I knew the things I once cherished when you were itty-bitty would soon be gone as you grew into each stage.  I knew things would change. 

   As Mother's Day rolls around tomorrow, I want you to know that I love everything, every single thing about you.  I love that you still call me Mama, even when you yell for me in a creepy horror flick whisper.  I love that you still call me to get you each and every morning instead of getting out of bed yourself because then I'd know you'd saddle up to my side of the bed and probably scare the daylights out of me.  I love that you stall at bedtime.  Sometimes, for a drink, sometimes to go to the bathroom, but mostly when you call me back upstairs just to tell me you love me one more time.  I love our nightly story time that sometimes becomes the rosary.  I love how you still ask me to sing you bedtime songs.  Your favorites right now are "You are my sunshine", "Father, I Adore You", and "Refiner's Fire".  I love how you still wake me up in the middle of the night if you have to go to the bathroom.  You can do it yourself, but you told me you don't want to be alone.  I love making crafts with you.  I love your kindness, your laughter, your kisses, your snuggles, your hugs.  I love our lunch picnics in the front yard.  I love your sneaky little mind.  I love your gracisms.  I really do love everything.

    And I will continue to find that things won't last like this for long, but until then I'm going to keep on waking up every morning being grateful that she hasn't completely grown up just yet.

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Jen Raiche said...

What a lucky little girl! And one blessed Mama. Peace to you!