Friday, November 5, 2010

It's Just Not Worth It

So Grace broke one my necklaces this morning. It was a gift from a student last year. A red glass heart on a multicolored strand. And I could have been pretty upset about it, but it's just not worth it. She didn't mean it, and I know it will be first of many things that she will break around here. And that is just it - they are things. I hope in the future, I'll be able to remain as calm as I did this morning.

Continuing on with my Day of Thanks #4
1. I'm thankful it is Friday.
2. Thankful it's Friday.
3. It's Friday.
4. It's Friday.
5. It's Friday.

(This day couldn't come fast enough this week.)

1 comment:

Jen Raiche said...

It is so hard to accept when our kiddos break our things. I truly empathize. Just think of it as her way of teaching you detachment. You're on your way to becoming holier already...