Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I feel like rambling.

I find it scary that MY MP3 player has The Best of The Wiggles on it. Grace is taking over everything.
I have procrastinated making banana bread yet again.
I'm thankful for the cloudy day today (and having lived in Michigan where it's cloudy nine months of the year that is saying a lot).
It makes me smile when Grace makes her animal noises. She has mastered dog, cat, and lion/tiger. Cows boo instead of moo in her world, and she just says duck or fish.
I'm watching Deadliest Catch as I type.
I need a new book to read.
I need to buy new pots and pans.
I need to find 8 storage crates.
I need a baby shower gift.
I believe I will be going shopping tomorrow.

It's sad that for the past 3 days it has been 105 degrees, and I have to plan to pack flannel pajamas and sweatshirts for our trip to Michigan. Hello Frozen Tundra aka my parent's basement.

I'm tired and my arms feel like Jello from helping a co-worker move bookcases and books into her new classroom. Lots of books! Lots!
I'm glad it wasn't me that got stuck in the elevator at school today.
I wish I wasn't thinking about school already.
I can't believe my sister has already started Christmas shopping.

I think my gel pillows are calling me.


Jen Raiche said...

A Mom's mind is always so very full! And "The Wiggles" song made me smile. :)

Hope you have a good trip to the UP!

Debbie said...

Thanks Jen! We are enjoying the U.P. so far. There hasn't been a day yet where Grace hasn't jumped in the baby pool. I"m hoping today to at least get her in a bathing suit. The neighbors must think I just let my child run around nekkid.

KaaVonia Hinton said...

Debbie, you've just reminded me that I miss Michigan, a little.