Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Been a Goldfish Kind of Night

My darling daughter has a habit of pulling everything out of her diaper bag. That is the pockets that are open because there aren't any zippers and the occassional time I forget to zip the thing. Sometimes she puts everything back with a few extras (like my cell phone), but most of the time you can tell where she's been by the piles and piles of stuff scattered over every surface.

Tonight was a night in which I forgot to zip. See where this is going? "Fish, fish," I heard coming from the dining room. Since she already had them in her hand, I told her she needed to sit down, which she did instantly, to eat her fish. And there she sat, quite content, eating her Goldfish. Well, that is until she started shaking the bag.

Then I saw my newly vacuumed carpet completely covered in an entire bag of rainbow Goldfish. I thought it was sweet she started picking them up again, but that didn't last long because soon I heard the shaking of the bag until every last Goldfish was back on the floor. And as soon as she saw all of the Goldfish was on the floor, she proceeded to eat them again.

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