Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Timeshares

I've sat through my fair share of timeshare speeches, but never would I have imagined that a program advertised for baby safety would turn into a baby timeshare episode.

Here is what we took away from the day:
1. The world is full of idiots without common sense.
2. Exersaucers are just as bad for kids as walkers. (Matt loved this because it was one less thing we would have in our house.)
3. Apparently, (according to the timeshare dude for babies) everything from bouncers, highchairs, walkers, exersaucers, swings, cribs, etc. are extremely dangerous for all babies. Everything is dangerous except for his companies TWO products. Sorry, I'm not paying $900 for their crib or $600 for their highchair/everything else thing.
4. Free gifts are not free gifts. Well, unless you want to pay a $15 shipping charge. Can we say scam?

Here is why the timeshare dude lost my respect:
1. He tried to sell us his highchair thingy (it looks like a table with a chair dropped down the middle) by showing us pictures of his daughters and telling us that they sat in this thing for hours. HOURS!
2. He said the thingy saved his father one weekend while he was babysitting. Apparently, the grandpa got sick, and just left the kid in the thing for the better part of the weekend. He thought the chair was a great babysitter.

Oh, I did get a great handout on child safety recalls and listservs. One good thing from a baby timeshare.


PaulaNLandon said...

you will be missing out with out an exersaucer let me tell you!!!!! that is one thing you WANT in your house! the one i have where he can go in a circle! genius! i would think twice on this lol :)

where did you even go? yikes!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Oh man, I've totally been to one of these! They were AWFUL! Shameless! But I was with friends, so we had fun snickering about it later