Sunday, April 21, 2013


I should be tackling an item on the never ending to-do list of my life.

Instead, I'm just sitting here doing nothing.  Just because I can.  Matt is at a meeting, and Grace is bumming around town with Grandma and Papa.  I keep getting calls from her updating me on what she is doing.  They have gone something like this:

Grace:  Mama, can Grandma and Papa take me to the dog store?
Me:  Did you ask them?
Grace:  I will.


Grace:  Mama, can I eat over here (I learned later meant the Chili's at the mall.)
Me:  Did you ask Grandma and Papa?
Grace:  uh huh

Next on my list...curling up on the couch with a comforter and one of new books I just checked out from the public library.

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