Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Life, Celebrated Daily

Today while driving back Sam's Club (note...always check the checkbook first to make sure there are actual checks in it.), I saw Life, Celebrated Daily on a license plate cover. And I stopped. Well, not literally because traffic is already chaotic down here without me stopping at a busy intersection. I stopped because I was and have been in one of those ruts in which I feel like I'm complaining and/or whining about something all the time. When in reality I should be celebrating life. So without further ado....

Today, I'm celebrating...
1. My family - I so grateful for Matt and Grace. Our home wouldn't be complete without them.
2. Daily Gracisms - A day does not go by without a saying from Grace that just leaves me laughing out loud. This child always brings my stress levels down each day. We never know if her rantings will be about the giant pink egg also known as a cement truck, or her desire for a pink school bus, or pumpkin candies.
3. Grace calling me "Mama Lady." It just puts a smile on my face.
4. Patience. Patience. Patience. When I feel like I have absolutely nothing left, I find some more.
5. Pinterest - Grace and I have found some fantastic craft ideas here.
6. Fall Sports - Who would have thought I'd have the Tigers and Lions and Michigan all on winning streaks?
7. KLove - I love that radio station.
8. that my 2-year old sometimes still needs me to fall alseep with her at night. Now if only I could get her to cuddle with me.

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