Saturday, February 13, 2010

Good Dental Hygiene Must Start Young

She only has four teeth. Well, make that three teeth. There is a fourth, but it has barely poked through. I've seen the baby toothbrushes in all shapes and sizes and even the fancy baby toothpaste and gum cleaner. Gum cleaner? I had no idea we were supposed to be cleaning gums. But since she sprouted teeth, I figured we could at least keep those pearly whites in mint condition. Well, that is until they fall out and become gifts to the Tooth Fairy.

Grace is a trooper when it is time to brush her teeth. In fact, she loves it. The first time we tried it, she grabbed the brush and had to watch herself in the mirror. The video doesn't really show her enthusiasm for brushing teeth (I swear I'm not making this up.), but she didn't get in any naps of considerable length today, so she was tired by the time we whipped out the video camera.

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Jen Raiche said...

Yay! Jerzy loves to brush his teeth as well. However, that usually means chewing on the toothbrush for a few moments while we are hurriedly brushing his brother's teeth... =)