Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Day Full of Snot, Toe Jam, College Football, and Another Milestone

1. Snot - Well, it is official. Grace has her first cold. And boy is it a nasty one. I'm trying to give her a break between suctions, but when I can hear her nose gurgle, I can just feel her nose plugging up again. If only she knew how to blow her nose. Not there is any positive aspect to having a cold, I must say she has been one cuddly little girl today. She even took two two-hour naps.

2. Toe Jam - Now, I'm used to toe jam being little lint balls that once belonged to your socks but got stuck between your toes. Grace has a new kind.....rice cereal. She tries to feed herself, but that results in her stuffing her hands in her mouth with the spoon and cereal. And what does she do with her cereal full hand? Let me tell you. She bends down and grabs her toes. She had so much rice ceral on her toes this morning that it was dripping off her feet onto the table.

3. College football - Fire up Chips! Go Blue! Central Michigan beat Michigan State and Michigan beat Notre Dame. It has been a truely great day in college football.

4. Grace rolled over! Now she can officially roll both ways. Today she rolled from her back to her belly multiple times. And I'm sure you can imagine the mess on the blankets since her nose was leaking snot.

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