Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gotta love XM Radio

Grace absolutely LOVES music. She loves the rainforest sounds and crazy music on her rainforest floor mat, and after I put together her new mobile, I found out she also likes Bach, Mozart, and Beetohoven. We learned quite quickly she needs noise/music in order to sleep, but I'm not too fond of listening to heartbeats, oceans, or white noise 24/7. This is where XM comes in. When Paula and Mallory were here, they turned on 20 on 20 which is a station of current pop music. Grace loved it (and still does.)

However, Matt isn't too fond of that music, so he listens to Lithium with her, which is Grunge and 90's Alternative Rock. She also loves Pearl Jam. Since then Grace has enjoyed the music from the 50's, country, and classical.

I think we'll stay away from rap!

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