Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life's Treasures

Since Tuesday night, I've been visiting Paula and my nephew Landon. Spending time here has opened my eyes to even more amazing wonders placed here by God.

1. Nothing compares to the smell of a newborn and holding them tight as you lull them to sleep.
2. Watching Landon sleep: such peace. Sporadic smiles emerge; sometimes one eye opens slightly (maybe just to check if he's missing anything); other times his eyes are open for seconds and then he is out again.
3. Taking walks with Bella, Landon, and Paula in the suprisingly warm Michigan weather.
4. Taking 4 mile hike with Mallory and Bella on trails I never knew existed.
5. Funfetti Cake - so yummy in my tummy and it envelopes the kitchen in a sweet scent of homemade yumminess.
6. Thankful to be able to cook homemade meals for Paula and Mallory
7. Grateful for my husband and our home in Virginia.
8. Grateful for organization and cleanliness
9. Thank goodness for Lysol Kitchen Disinfectant
10. Gel pillows to rest my weary head
11. Grateful for Laughter (watching The Office with Mallory) and playing with Landon

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